Counting in Korean



Five important aspects of Taekwon-Do:
  • Courtesy : Ye Ui
  • Integrity : Yom Chi
  • Perseverance : In Nae
  • Self-control : Guk Gi
  • Indomitable spirit : Baekjool Boolgool


As a member of the Scottish Taekwon-Do Federation I shall
  • Respect rank and senior
  • Be courteous to others
  • Be loyal and trustworthy
  • Strive for world peace and harmony
  • Act in the true spirit of Taekwon-Do


  • White Belt (10th gup)
  • White + Yellow Tags (9th gup)
  • Yellow Belt (8th gup)
  • Yellow + Green Tags (7th gup)
  • Green Belt (6th gup)
  • Green + Blue Tags (5th gup)
  • Blue Belt (4th gup)
  • Blue + Red Tags (3rd gup)
  • Red Belt (2nd gup)
  • Red + Black Tags (1st gup)
  • Black Belt (1st degree - 9th degree)


Everything in Taekwon-Do reflects the theory of balance and equilibrium, from the action/reaction forces of basic techniques, stable stances and balance while performing kicks through to the belt which must be tied with the ends at equal lengths to represent the balance of mind and body.


Chief Instructor : Mr Gerard Cahill : 4th Degree Black Belt, International Instructor, International Umpire + Referee, World, European, Scottish & British Champion.

Instructor : Miss Unity Kane : 2nd Degree Black Belt, National Referee, Double World Champion, European, Scottish + British Champion.  

Assistant Instructor: Mr Paul Duthie : 2nd Degree Black Belt European + Scottish Champion.

Rules of the Dojang

  1. Address instructors as Mr / Miss / Sir / Ma'am.
  2. Request permission before speaking out in class.
  3. Bow when entering or leaving the Dojang.
  4. Bow to higher grades or ranks before speaking to them.
  5. No jewellery or watches to be worn in class.
  6. No eating in class, no drinking while wearing belt.
  7. No chatting or swearing in class.
  8. If you arrive late for class, you must always approach the instructor, bow and give your reasons.
  9. Doboks should be cleaned and pressed regularly.
  10. Martial means military, therefore classes are run with great emphasis on order, courtesy and respect.