Monday, 27 August 2012

September Grading and Squad Training

The next Gradings will take place as follows;

Menzieshill on 19th September at Menzieshill Community Centre, commencing at 5.00pm.

Lochee, Whitfield, Douglas on 20th September in the BB Hall, Lochee commencing at 6.00pm.

Please ensure your licence is in date and remember your packed lunch and soft gear.

Training session beforehand commencing at 4.45pm.

Congratulations to all my students who attended the first Scottish Squad Training session. Very pleased with your effort and committment. Many more sessions to come. The next will be in Dundee very soon.

Monday, 13 August 2012

Classes back to normal at all venues.

Hi everyone,
Classes are now back to normal at all venues starting from Tuesday 14th August in Lochee. 

Time to get fit and sorted out for the new Competitions and Gradings coming up soon.

Squad training is starting as below for us to compete in the Independent TaekwonDo Schools International TaekwonDo Festival  26th to 28th July 2013 and will be rotated between Dundee and Fife. The first one as below.

Our aim is to start now and be well prepared for this prestigious Competition which will be held in Scotland. All countries competing have agreed to the categories as laid out below so lets get to it and have a fantastic turnout. 

The first mens GB team tryout squad session may be held on Sunday 30th September at Mr. Swifts Bromsgrove Centre. This is a chance for all eligible students to compete for a place. Lets go for it.

SUNDAY 26th AUGUST, 12:30 – 2:30pm

I.T.S. Scotland Squad training commences at the above date/place and will be hosted by Fife TaekwonDo Group. The session is open to students of all grades who will be of the required age to compete in any of the following teams at the ITS International Taekwon Do Festival 2013 which takes place from 26th-28th of July.

There will be pattern and point-stop sparring teams for the following ages:

8-9 yrs mixed sex:                            5 persons
10-11 yrs mixed sex:                        5 persons
12-13yrs boys:                                    3 persons
12-13yrs girls:                                    3 persons
14-16yrs boys:                                    3 persons
14-16yrs girls:                                    3 persons
Ladies(17yrs and above):             5 persons
Male( 17yrs and above ):               5 persons
 40yrs and above men:                    3 persons
40yrs and above ladies:                  3 persons
Men (Team Great Britain)            5 persons          

The training session is scheduled as follows:
12:30 - 1pm:Team Briefing, 1pm – 1:45pm:Team Patterns,1:45pm – 2:30pm:Team Sparring

This is a free session, hope to see you there!
MrC and Miss Kane.