Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Referees Course

Saturday 23rd October at 09.00am until 5.00pm in the Parish Church Hall, Burntisland.

Cost for whole day £90.00p

Cost per half day £50.00p

Should be attended by all members wanting to make the teams, except those who have already done it, for the World Championships 2011 and all Instructors, Blackbelts, Red Belts and above who have not done this Course since January 1st, 2009.

Please register with Mr. Cunningham or give your apologies for being unable to attend by Friday 22nd...that's this Friday folks.

Friday, 8 October 2010

Name the Mascot Competition

Ok everyone, pin back your lugs, lol.
Here's a few suggestions for naming our kittykat...actually he's a WILDCAT....roaaaar.

Issy, Anna and Daniel have submitted...Taekwon Tiger...Tiggy Kandoh...Purr-minator...Ginger Ninja...Kick Ass Kitty Kat.

Dinaay submitted...Bob or...Boab...do u mean Boabcat Dinaay, lol.

C'mon everyone we need more suggestions.
Great prize for the winner.
First Prize a weeks holiday in Lochee.
Second Prize two weeks holiday in Lochee.
Only kidding...Lochee's grrrrrrrrreat.

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

ASC Interclub Competition

ASC Interclub Competition will be held in the Parish Church Hall, East Leven Street, Burntisland on Sunday 10th October starting at 1.00pm for under 18s, over 18s start at 2.30pm. Costs £10.00.

Sunday, 3 October 2010

ASC Destroyer-Destruction Competition.

The Destroyer Competition will now be held in November not on Sunday as reported.

Instructors Course

This Instructors Course will be held on Saturday 9th October in the Parish Church Hall, East Leven Street, Burntisland starting at 09.00am. The whole Course is open to Green Belt and above. The afternoon session is open to all Grades.

9.00am How to Run a Club £50.00p
1.00pm How to Teach Your Club £50.00p.
Whole day £90.00p.
Lunch provided.

All Instructors and assistants who have not done this Course in the last 3 years must do it.
Open to Green Belt and above.