Wednesday, 28 November 2012

December Gradings. Christmas Orders. Christmas Party.
Hi everyone, the December Gradings are as follows.

MENZIESHILL...Community Centre, Wednesday 12th December at 4.45pm.

LOCHEE...BB Hall, Bright Street, Thursday 13th December from 6.00pm.

Note...there will be a training session before the Lochee Grading starting at 4.30pm, usual training fee applies, bring a drink and a snack.
All students must be licenced to grade so please check your expiry date. New students please apply asap.
Blackbelts and 1st Gups will be sitting either their National Grading or Assessment for their International Grading.

CHRISTMAS PARTY...Thursday 20th December from 6.00 to 7.30pm, BB Hall, cost £5.00. Brothers; Sisters, Cousins and Friends are welcome to attend too. Please get your ticket early as Santa needs to know who's going to be there.

CHRISTMAS ORDERS...Doboks; Soft Gear, Breaking Boards, Pads etc...can you please ensure you order kit by Thursday 6th December to ensure delivery. Thanks.

Friday, 23 November 2012

Squad Training for all Grades.

The Big Hall, Whitfield Parish Church, top of Haddington Crescent, DD40NA.
Sunday November 25th 2012, 2pm-4pm...all Grades; 
4-5pm Blackbelts.
Teams, Individuals, Sparring, Couples, cost £5.00p
Preparation for next Grading and the International Championships July 2013.

Saturday, 17 November 2012

Dundee Christmas Light Night...Not To Be Missed

This is a chance for a great fun night for all the kids and their familys to parade through the town with Santa Clause, the Chinese Dragon and Pipe Bands to the City Square where they will have a prime view of the lights and the Christmas Tree in City Square being turned on from the steps of the Caird Hall. Be there about 5.45 to receive your wrist band from Miss Kane and the Wildcat Blackbelts.

It's a Light Night Parade so you can wear your soft gear, ie. helmet and gloves adorned with Christmas Lights. Dress up in any fancy lit up costume you like but wear warm clothes too as it's cold. Would be nice to see a big turnout. There will be bands and entertainment and a free Ceilidh afterwards.

Friday 23rd November 2012...leaves 6.00pm prompt.
Assembly of Torchlight Procession at Dundee High School, Euclid Crescent.
Wax Torches for adults 18+
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Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Squad Training.
November 25th 2012 2.00pm to 5.00pm....cost £6.00p
The Big Hall, Whitfield Parish Church, top of Haddington Crescent, Dundee, DD40NA.
Individuals, Teams, Sparring Drills, Couples.
Preparation for the International Championships July 2013.

Christmas Orders for Santa Clause.
Doboks, Soft Gear, Focus Pads, Breaking Boards and all other gear needs to be ordered and paid for by Thursday 6th December. Please order only through your Instructor to avoid Insurance Company penalties.