Sunday, 29 May 2011

Grading dates in June.

Hello everyone, here are the Grading dates for the Menzieshill and Lochee Clubs.
Wednesday 15th June, Menzieshill Community Centre, Orleans Place, Menzieshill, starts 5.00pm.
Thursday 16th June, BB Hall, Bright Street, Lochee. Training from 4.30pm, Grading starts at 6.00pm.
Please don't forget your soft gear folks.
You can Grade at any of the venues.
If you can't make one, you can come to the other.

Monday, 16 May 2011

Team Training for the Worlds

Saturday 21st May 10-12.00, Glasgow.
Sunday 5th June 1-5.00pm, Fife.
Saturday 11th June 10-2.00pm, Fife.
Sunday 19th June 1-5.00pm, Fife.
Saturday 25th June 10-3.00pm, Fife.
Sunday 3rd July 1-6.00pm, Fife.

Please look out for changes to dates and times as there may be alterations.
If you can't make some of the dates please inform myself, Mr.C and Miss Cunningham, thanks.
So proud of you all, only 7 weeks to go, so one hard concerted effort from us all.
Remember the Wildcats motto...."Train Hard, Fight Easy".

It was a Huggy Bear costume