Sunday, 1 September 2013

Pre Grading Patterns Workshop Saturday 7th September

Please Attend the Following

Pre Grading Blackbelt and Colourbelt  Patterns Workshops
Saturday 7th September from 12.30 to 16.30.
The Big Hall, Whitfield Parish Church....see photo above, top of Haddington Crescent, Dundee, DD40NA. 

12.30pm-13.30pm 4-Directional, Chon-Ji, Dan Gun          

13.30pm-14.30pm - Do San, Won Hyo, Yul Gok

14.30pm-15.30pm - Joon Gun, Toi Gye, Hwa Rang
  15.30pm-16.30pm - Choong Moo, 
Kwang Gae, Po Eun, 
Ge Baek, Eui Am, Choong Jang, Ko Dang Hyung. 
Blackbelts All Day
Please pre-book your place as the workshop fills up quickly! 

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