Sunday, 25 August 2013

Meet Fred my new statue...he's sooooo cool.

Meet Fred, he's a gift from a friend. Is he cool or wot?

I am publishing the names of all those who participated in the Championships. I'm not going to say who got what as you all know but I must say that our collection of 60 cups and medals, Gold, Silver and Bronze won on the day is phenomenal and can only be given the highest praise. You are all winners and I'm so very proud of you all.

Dundee Tigers...Unity; Chris, Jonathan, Paul, Lyn and Jim.

Young Lions and Dundee Wildcats...Nicole, Gabriel, Nathan, Marnie, Cieren, Oliver, Kane, Hayden, Sean, Lucy, Angus, Mark, Alainea, Alysse, Fraser, Alastair, Ben, James, MacKenzie, Kaleb, Rion, Chloe, Jack, Ryan, Blain and Paul.

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