Saturday, 16 July 2011

8th GTF World Championships in Dundee

I am just so proud of you all and I don't have words to describe it.
You took on the cream of the Worlds Taekwon Do Martial Artists and acquited yourself with such good grace and dignity and not only that you let them know that Scotland and Dundee were not pushovers.
What a team effort it was. You all played your part in Scotlands success.
Dundee Wildcats produced 5 new World Champions and a host of medallists.
Of the 27 Dundee competitors 27 produced at least one medal apiece with many winning many more.
Below are 4 Scottish Blackbelt Team members who are World Champions.
Nicole Dowdles 4 Gold, 1 Silver, 1 Bronze.
Zoe Hutcheson 3 Gold.
Reece Hershaw 2 Gold, 1 Silver.
Jack Stephens 1 Gold, 1 Bronze.
Fraser Munnoch 2 Silver, 1 Bronze.
1) Scotland was ranked first overall in the World with the rest as follows, 2) Russia,
3) Puerto Rico, 4) Canada, 5) Northern Cyprus, 6) Malaysia, 7) South Africa, 8) Germany, 9) Argentina, 10) South Africa Kwa Zulu, 11) Spain, 12) USA, 13) Kazakhstan, 14) Greece, 15) Ireland, 16) Alaska.

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