Saturday, 26 February 2011

Grading Results

Here's the latest news from your Dojang.
I am so happy and proud to announce that every one of our students who sat their Grading today has passed.
They all attended the excellent morning Seminar and after a short lunch break sat an extremely intense, physically and mentally challenging Blackbelt Grading.
Those who sat and passed their International Blackbelt Grading were:-
Gill Hutcheson, promoted to 2nd Degree.
Jack Stephens promoted to 1st Degree.
Nicole Dowdles, promoted to 1st Degree.
Those who sat and passed their National Blackbelt Grading were:-
Zoe Hutcheson promoted to 1.2 Degree.
Jonathan Cochrane promoted to 1.2 Degree.
Ryan Barrie promoted to 1.2 Degree.
Jim Prevost promoted to 1.1 Degree.
Fraser Munnoch promoted to 1.1 Degree.
Reece Hershaw 1.1 Degree.
Congratulations to you all. Miss Kane and all your colleagues at Dundee Wildcats and GTF Scotland are very proud of you. Fantastic achievement.

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  1. Im happy for everyone that graded today. You all did really well. I hurt in places i didnt know was possible!! Gill xx