Saturday, 29 January 2011

Baby Alexis Makes a Dramatic Entrance

All our best wishes and congratulations go to Jimmy, Gillian, Reece and Jamie Hershaw.

This lovely family have just had a new arrival and isn't she beautiful.

Alexis made a dramatic entry into the World by deciding to be born in the back of the family car on the Liff Road. Which, if you know your geography makes her a citizen of Lochee and the World. She was delivered by her Dad under the supervision of her Mum.

Both Mum and Alexis are doing very well but Dad's in a bit of a state.
Jimmy, you're our hero.

As you can see wee Alexis has her hands in the sparring position, making her the youngest and newest member of Dundee Wildcats...hahaha...put 'em up kid.

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