Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Malaysia 2009...7th GTF World Championships

Malaysia 2009...7th GTF World Championships...Kuala Lumpur...Malaysia...July 2nd to 10th.

Costs...Flights vary.

Hotel...£49.00p per day based on 2 sharing and includes 3 meals per day, transport to and from Airport to Hotel and bank charges for transferring monies to Malaysia and changing Sterling to Euros. Prices may change if Euro gets stronger.

Requirements...2009 GTF Scotland official jacket or shell suit.

Dobok...White only.

Gear...All sparring equipment. Closed finger gloves, Boots, Groin Guard, Gumshield, Headguard.


  1. hello from the USA!!
    Blog looking good...
    See y'all next week.

  2. Look at the NORTH CYPRUS team in the Championship. We will surprise you with our well-prepared team.